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Nový rozhovor s Galem!
New Gale Interview about RnS! (I've had this pic on my harddrive for about a month now, so glad it's finally been released so I can share it with you)
1. All nine of you trusted Scott in setting the negotiations for the "Queer as Folk" convention in Germany in motion. Is this only possible when a cast still is really close and/or for a show that was so groundbreaking as "Queer as Folk"?

Scott is possibly one of the most honest people I've ever known. I would trust him with anything.

2. Did some time have to pass for you to want to appear all 9 of you in public and enjoy looking back together?

I know that for me the time that has passed has given me the distance to look back clearly. I was too close and needed some perspective.

3. Are you looking forward to discuss your character and maybe explore how you feel about your storylines from a more distant point of view now?


4. How does it feel to know that 6 years after the show there are so many people dying to see all you guys together again?

It's both very humbling and flattering.

5. Have you been to Germany before? Is there something in particular you look forward to?

I've been to Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. I've always wanted to see the Rhine at night, and I'm excited to see the Cologne Cathedral.


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